the Dorset Council Coaching Network

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Register to access our coaches and mentors, resources and to ask advice from other members within your community.

You will receive an email to confirm when this has been done. Please ensure you check your quarantine and junk emails.

When making your request for coaching or mentoring there is no need to complete the sections for sponsor or costs. 

the Dorset Council Coaching Network

Coaching and mentoring for growth and personal development

Coaching and mentoring are available to all employees .

Coaching can help at any stage in your career and is especially useful at times of change, helping you to set yourself clear goals and improve working relationships. All of our coaches are qualified or actively working towards a qualification.

Mentoring allows you to tap into the skills and support of an experienced colleague providing a safe sounding board to ask questions in a confidential space. It can provide you with a broader view of our organisation and help you to build your professional networks. Useful for people who are new to the organisation or working in a new role.